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Hygeia-Natural Therapies
Hygeia-Natural Therapies

Due to Covid-19 please read the list of changes below:

-Treatment options are now three choices: 45 minute Massage (Back/legs) /

60 minute Massage (full body) or Reflexology (45min). Prices on booking page. 

- Card Payment or exact Cash amount. 

- Booking days and times are limited and only AM or PM days.

- Online booking system only which includes a consultaltion form requirment. 

- Facial mask must be worn throughout the treatment.



Therapeutic Massage


Luxury Full Body Massage (deep tissue) (70min approx)                                                  £70.00

Completely indulge yourself with a relaxing and therapeutic deep tissue massage from tip to toe including the face, leaving you in a state of total bliss.


Full Body Massage Treatment (deep tissue) (60min approx)                                             £60.00

Relaxing and therapeutic deep tissue massage leaving the body and mind in a state of tranquility, while releasing any toxins or aches and pains.


Neck/Back/Shoulders (deep tissue) (35min approx)                                                           £35.00

A short but sweet deep tissue massage on the neck, back & shoulders, improving circulation, having a soothing affect and help relax those tense muscles. Perfect for those who work long hours and need a quick boost.

Loyalty Scheme available.


Head/Scalp Massage  (15min approx)                                                                                             £20.00

Try this amazing treatment! There is nothing like a head massage... Release tension, relax and releive that headache/migraine.

Add the face for an extra £10 or add on to the Neck/Back/Shoulder massage which complements it amazingly. 


Pregnancy Massage (30min approx)                                                                                    £35.00

This massage is a must for women whose muscles are pulled left right and center literally!! The body goes through massive changes in pregnancy and the muscles are one of the biggest changes. This massage will help with any aches and pains and of course relaxation. Just let Sue know where it hurts and she'll do the rest. These areas are usually neck, back, shoulders and hips. Time can be added upon request.

***Please note massage is allowed only after the 1st trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy. 


Neck/Back/Shoulders & Head Massage (50min approx)                                                    £55.00

Need the extra boost? This is the perfect massage for those with stress, tension and headaches. The head massage is the ultimate relaxation and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Fitness/Dance/Sports Related Massage

£ Price depends on time spent, type of injuries, just legs or back. Can give approximate quotes on phone.

This massage is designed to release those heavy & tense muscles. It helps rid old injury scar tissue, trapped nerves, shortened muscles, increase flexibility & oxygen flow, improve performance & endurance. Although a bit painful very effective and worth the pain!!

Ideal for Runners, Dancers, Marathon/Triathlon preparation, or any fitness challenge one has.


Reflexology     Treatment (40min approx)                                                                            £40.00

Very relaxing hand/foot massage aiming to restore the body’s balance by massaging pressure points which help treat unpleasant symptoms/illnesses, leaving you with the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenated. Benefits include; Energy boost, pain relief, tension release, improving concentration & circulation, sciatica pain, head ache relief, overall health boost and many more. Experience this ancient treatment and you’ll be left amazed.

OFFER! Every 8th treatment is free* (minimum 1 treatment per month).




*All treatments include the consultation or follow up time.

*Please arrive 5-10 min earlier to avoid any delay to further clients.


*Cancellation fees: 

No show £15

Late cancellation within 24 hours £10

Late show, treatment time reduced, treatment price as booked.



*Gift Vouchers for family and friends also available.

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