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Hygeia-Natural Therapies
Hygeia-Natural Therapies

Sue Kioridou BSYA(Nutri.)(N.Th)(Adv.Reflex.)(M.)



I like to call myself a complementary therapist and my expertise is deep tissue massage, my unique way helps get rid of knots and reduce scar tissue which enables muscles and nerves to work properly. I’m also a qualified Reflexologist, which is a remarkable therapy and never seizes to amaze me with its healing capabilities. My knowledge in nutrition allows me to further assist in offering advice to support my clients with the correct nutritional guidance.

My passion is to make people feel better when they are in discomfort and to make sure my client is happy and to refer further if needed.

I have had over 11 years of experience on a self-employed basis, starting my practice in 2008 from my spare bedroom at home and home visits in the UK and Greece, and have worked in environments such as a gym, rehab centers, residential homes, health clinic, and lastly a hotel health club. The majority of my work has developed from word of mouth, which is truly a blessing. 

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In my spare time I love to listen to music and have a good dance. Playing outdoor sports and activities especially tennis. I love animals especially horses, which I also love riding. I'm always interested in learning new things and socialising with friends and of course having a good laugh. I'm a bit of a book worm when it comes to food and health and spend lots of time searching for things to learn that can improve ones health including mine. I truly love my work and always look forward to my next challenge and how to help. I'm currently a part time University student studying for a degree in Health Sciences to further my ambition in health.


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