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What an amazing massage!! I have had quite a few massages in the past during my travels around the world but I have never had a massage as good as I have just had from Sue. She really took time to understand me and my body. I recently had a back issue and she listened and then helped me to understand how I should work the muscles and then gave me a nice firm all over massage with particular attention to the previous damaged area.

Paul R


I booked in with Sue following recovery after having pro-lapsed discs in my back. Sue was very professional, discussed with me before she gave me any treatment and explained what I should expect. She also explained what I should do after having my massage. I had build-up of the muscle tissue which was causing me pain so Sue recommended a deep tissue massage. I have to say it was one of the best massages I’ve had. I am a rugby player and have had a lot of deep tissue sports massages in the past but Sue’s has been one of the best! I would highly recommend Sue to anyone, not only because the massage was great, but because she told me where she could feel weaknesses in my muscles so that I could focus and work on it. Thank you Sue!



Never have I ever had a massage like that before and Ive had loads!! I've been training for a body builder competition and really needed that deep tissue massage! That was a massage!!

Thank you



I had a massage with Sue, I must say it was absolutely amazing, I literately sank into the couch. I felt very nervous at first because I had a bad experience which was very painful and put me off having massages for a while. Sue you've totally converted me!! Thank you so much, I'm so relaxed and positive.

Samantha B


Nicest massage I have ever had! Sue is very friendly and explained clearly all that was happening and gave me some advice. Absolutely loved it! :)



I am a professional wakeboard athlete and I've been coming to Hygeia-Natural Therapies for the last 2 years. Sue has helped me with muscle recovery & preparing for competitions and also followed her nutritional advice and I saw a big difference in my performance. I came second  in champions league and 5th in the national championship UK with no injuries and felt fantastic! Sue is fantastic & very talented! I owe her big time! 



"My family and I had the pleasure of experiencing a "luxury full body massage" courtesy of Sue on 15th September 2012. We collectively agreed that it was by far the best massage we've ever had!!! Thank you so much for your healing hands and wonderful service! Great value for money and above all, Sue is just soo lovely!" Sreeja and family


I treated myself to a Luxury Full Body Massage with Sue and I can honestly say it is the best massage I have ever received. Sue has a very fluid technique and really understands how to relax and manipulate every muscle! The whole spa atmosphere is also very relaxing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone. You will definitely not be disappointed.



I had a full body massage on the 24th September. It was one of the best massages I have ever had! Sue was very friendly but extremely professional. I would definitely recommend. Great value for money!



That was by far the best massage I've ever had... Thank you



Really enjoyed the massage. It was very relaxing and professional. Will definitely recommend Sue to everyone. Lots of thanks Sue



I have just had a awesome neck/Back/Shoulder/Head massage from Sue. I feel so fresh, Alive, invigorated. I did not realize how much I needed this massage today, as my job as a home help for age UK can leave me feeling exhausted. Thank you so much Sue, I will be coming back again soon and also thanks for the tips for supplements for my joints. 

Best wishes, bless you

Diane...a very happy client


I have been seeing Sue on a fairly regular basis for about 6 months. Although I have used several different massage therapists in the past, I have never come across one that is as thorough and effective as Sue. Her technique is amazing, but more importantly, she takes a personal interest in your well-being. The atmosphere is not one of sterility or clinical distance—you are not just another paying customer. After leaving Sue’s massage couch, you really feel like she has done everything in her ability to right the wrongs you have done to your body. She is also generous with her time and her knowledge so that the effects of her treatments carry on into your everyday life. Her treatments are incredibly reasonable, and their benefits far outweigh their cost. I recommend her to everyone I know, and I always know what to get my husband for a birthday gift or anniversary gift.



The best part of my stay at the Holiday Inn Farnborough was my massage with Sue. Sue is excellent!



Wow – what a truly amazing pampering session – the best ever! I cannot recommend Athanasia enough as I have had a few massages but Athanasia is the best by far – she uses good pressure but not too much in fact the perfect amount to hit the spot and completely relax you. I also had reflexology on my foot as I have a painful toe – she seemed to magically heal it! If you want to be truly relaxed and pampered from head to toe – Athanasia is the perfect lady for the job – thank you so much can’t wait until the next time.



I've been to Athanasia several times now and would not dream of going anywhere else! After visiting her, all my aches and pains disappear and she's always able to answer any questions I have. I can't wait for my next visit!



I suffered from lower back pain for the 9 months, from July 2008. Then I joined energie and met Sue, recommended by the owner of the club and from my first back massage my pain has gone... And now I am totally pain free and no longer suffer lower back pain...I would recommend Sue to all my family and friends.

Thank you



I've always wanted to try Reflexology and now wish I had done it so much sooner! My blood pressure was lower even after my first session but the main difference has been with my joints. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and my joints are so much more flexible and nowhere swollen. The sessions may hurt a bit but you know the pain is worth it!


I feel very relaxed and a lot of tension has definitely been released from my back and shoulders. Painful at times, but the massage actually made me laugh and made me emotional too!

Thank you Sue.



It was the first time that I had had Reflexology. Athanasia was extremely knowledgeable and talked me through every step. I found it extremely relaxing and it is something I would definitely have done regularly.



Dear Sue,

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you so much for the wonderful reflexology massage you gave me last week. My shoulder had been stiff for days prior to me visiting you and I have to admit the difference I feel is absolutely amazing. I feel like myself again; full of movement and surprisingly I feel an increase in energy.This was my first reflexology session ever and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to feel but what a great experience! I have already recommended you to 2 friends and look forward to the following monthly sessions I have booked with you. Thank you again for your help.
Kind Regards Lia


Big Thanks...

In summer 2008 I visited the gym after a long tiring day. I must have over did it on one of the leg exercises because when I went home and I had a terrible hip joint ache. The pain did get better but still bugged me when going up the stairs for 2-3 months. Living in a two story house didn’t make it easy. A friend of mine recommended Sue and thought that reflexology could help my annoying pain. I was quite cautious and a bit nervous in the beginning having never had reflexology treatment. However, the treatment felt very relaxing and comfortable. As soon as I got up, to my amazement I went up the stair case and no pain whatsoever, it was as if it was never there. Thank you Sue you are truly talented and have magic hands.

With Thanks



The feeling of peace and well being from firm massage by Sue is wonderful. The physical result gives me greater all around flexibility, especially in the legs which enables me to walk with greater ease. I would say to anyone especially those of more advanced years, try it! you don't know what you are missing.


Thank you so much Sue... I would Recommend you to everyone. It was awesome and thank you for the intense massage, feel 100% better. Have a super Christmas and a Happy New Year.


I visited Sue last summer with terrible aches and pains on my knees and back... I couldn't believe how much better I felt with just one massage, in fact it lasted for a whole year. Thank you Sue

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